CD "Colours of Siam"

(In & Out Records IOR CD 77053-2)

WDR Big Band Cologne featuring Hayden Chisholm, saxophone

Compositions for jazz orchestra inspired by the nature and culture of Thailand

All music composed, arranged & conducted by Thorsten Wollmann 

CD "The Characteristics of Water"

(K&K ISBN 3-930643-38-3)

Contemporary compositions for fl/a-fl, cl/b-cl, vibes/marimba, harp, piano,

Ensemble Pyramide and strings from the Broadcasting Orchestra Sofia, conducted by T.W.


CD "Cycles"

(SCAT 0007)

Thorsten Wollmann & Wolf Kerschek

(Soloists, compositions and improvisations)


CD "Lost in Clubs"

(K&K ISBN 3-930643-49-9)

Jazz compositions for jazz sextett (leader und piano)


CD "Encuentros"

(K&K ISBN 3-930643-39-1)

Conductor withTango Fuego and strings (Broadcasting Orchestra Sofia) for

Compositions "Nocturno", "Latina", "Tristeza" and

Arrangements "Nada", "Tango Ciudad" and "Lejania"


CD "Concepts"

(Bellaphon CDLR 45083)

Soloist, Conductor with Südpool Jazz Project III

Composition "Helliconia-Suite"


CD "Marcia Funebre"

(Bellaphone CDLR 45106)

Conductor with Südpool Jazz Project V

Composition "Michelangelo/Architectonicae" 

CD "One in a Million"

(ttm Records 7010)

featuring Bobby Shew, trumpet/flugelhorn

Compositions "Go Ahead" & "Ballad for Booker" 

CD "First Take"

(Mons Records 874669)

German Jazz Orchestra

Composition "Concerto for Soprano Saxophone"



CD "Without Words"

(Satin Doll Productions SDP 1005-1)

Timeless Art Orchestra

Arrangement "Chelsea Bridge"

CD "The Spirit of Jimi Hendrix"

(Extra Records 11542)

NDR-Big Band

Arrangements "Foxy Lady", "Castles made of Sand“ and "Freedom"



CD „Lantom"

(Chaos CACD 8001-3)

Soloist with Landesjugendjazzorchester Baden Württemberg

Compositions "Lantom" and "Passacaglia"

CD "Young Blood"

(Chaos CACD 8093-3)

Landesjugendjazzorchester Baden Württemberg

Compositions "Cool Affair" and "Stones on Water"



CD "Kazzou"

(Jazz House Musik LJBB 9104)

Jazz Orchester Rheinland-Pfalz

Composition "Brownie meets Bee Tee"

CD "Bujazzo Vol. 2"

(Harmonia Mundi HM 1034-2)

Conductor with Bundesjazzorchester for

Compositions "Ancient Song" and "Dimanche au Marais"


CD "Bujazzo Vol. 3"

(Ars Musici AM 1095-2)


Composition "Toccata"


LP "Autumn Leaves"

(VT 107)

Soloist with Landesjugendjazzorchester Baden Württemberg

Composition "In Between"


LP "Jugend Jazzt 1985"

(VT 103)

Soloist with jazz quintett "Nefertiti"


CD "Symphonic meets Jazz"

(amos CD 5941)

"The Ulm Boys' Band" feat. Joo Kraus, trumpet

Composition "Concerto for Jazz Trumpet & Symphonic Band" 

CD "Aquarell"

(AS 99005)

The Symphonic Band of the Ferenc Liszt Academy, Budapest

Compositions "Aquarell" & "Concerto for Symphonic Band"


CD „Symphony of Hope"

(AS 95003-2)

Johann Willem Friso Kapel, Netherlands

Composition "Aus einer Sage"


CD "Take Off"

(AS 99007)

Rundfunkblasorchester Leipzig

Compositions "Prayer" & "Landschaften"


CD "Old and New"

(HR CD2003/01)

Symphonic Band of the Bruckner-Konservatorium Linz, Austria

Composition "Die Kathedrale"

CD "Atmosphäre Europa"

(K & K ISBN 3-930643-90-1)

Soundtrack to a short-story, 

contains music from the CDs "Cycles" & "Lost in Clubs"


CD "Africa Suite"

Thorsten Wollmann Jazz Orchestra

Jazz compositions for Bigband, conducted by T.W. 



CD "Bujazzo/Haus der Geschichte"

Conductor with Bundesjazzorchester for

Composition "Ancient Song“


LP "All of me"

(YVP Records)

Soloist with Big Band Ulm