Classical Compositions

Works for orchestra

Musik zu drei Bildern von W. Kandinsky 1990 (orchestra)

Nocturne 1991 (b-cl, cb-cl & strings)

Piano Concerto 1993

The Elements 1993 (orchestra)

Impromptu & Allegro 1994 (orchestra)

Michelangelo 1994 (for strings)

Symphony for Strings 1995

Kaleidoscope for Violin & Orchestra 1996

Impressionistic Scetches 1997 (for small orchestra)

(based on paintings of Camille Pissarro)

Symphony "to the end of the 20th century" 1998 (orchestra)

South Pacific 2001 (seascapes for strings & harp)

Scenic Dances 2002 (for strings)

Aotearoa Symphony 2003 (orchestra)

On the Edge of the World 2003 (for chamber orchestra)

Seasons 2006 (fl, as, vib & strings)

Hymne 2010 (strings)

-commissioned by Bosch

Mantra 2013 (for strings)

Between Heaven and the Sea 2016 (for strings & harp)

Romance 2017 (for strings & harp)

Excerpt from MORNING CHANT OF A KOKAKO for orchestra

Chamber music

Polyphonie für zwei Blasinstrumente 1984 (tp/as)

Oktett 1992 (ob, e-h, cl, b-cl, 2 bssn, 2 hn)

Drei Preludes für Flöte & Harfe 1993

-commissioned by "Freunde der Jugendmusikschule Biberach e.V."

The Characteristics of Water 1993 (fl/a-fl, ob, vl, vla, vlc, harp)

-commissioned by Ensemble Pyramide, Switzerland

Nocturne for Clarinet (Oboe) & Guitar 1994

Quintett für Blechbläser 1994

Lyrische Stücke für Trompete/Flügelhorn & Klavier 1995

Structures for Bass-clarinet 1995

Drei Welten 1995 (a-fl, b-cl & harp)

The Garden of Crystal 1995 (fl, cl, vib, harp, piano)

DNA 1995 (fl/a-fl, vib/marimba, harp, piano)

Turquoise 1995 (fl & harp)

Impressionen für Oboe und Gitarre 1996

-commissioned by Duo Concertante, Cologne

Drums of the Night 1997 (for Asian drum ensemble)

Prelude to a Comic 1998

(fl/a-fl, ob/e.h., cl/b-cl/as, harp, piano/organ, perc./mallets & string quartet)

Japanische Landschaften 1998

(fl/a-fl/b-fl, ob/e.h., cl/b-cl, harp), piano, percussion/mallets)

Stained Glass Windows 1998 (choir & organ)

(based on glass paintings of Marc Chagall)


Tree 1999 (b-cl & piano)

Fishes & Birds 2001 (fl or vl, cl & piano)

-Philip Neill Memorial Prize in Music 2002 of the University of Otago, New Zealand

Ferns 2002 (a-fl, b-cl, vl, vla, vlc)

Wildflower 2002 (vl & piano)

Wind 2002 (fl, cl, vl, vla, vlc)

River 2002 (fl, cl/b-cl, piano & string quartet)

-Douglas Lilburn Prize competition award 2002 from The University of Auckland

Stones 2003 (vla, vlc, b-cl & piano)

Seasons 2002 (string quartet)

Can we talk about it? 2004 (a comedy for piccolo, tuba & harpsichord)

Tango 2005 (fl & harp)

Prelude sur le nome de Claude Debussy 2006 (cl & piano)

Saxociety 2007 (saxophone quartet)

Capriccio 2008 (woodwind quintet)

Adagio Libero 2008 (brass quintet)

Fanfare 2010 (3 tp, 4 hn, 3 tb, tuba & timpani)

-commissioned by Bosch

Dedications 2015 (organ)

Japanese Piano Trio 2015 (vl, vlc & piano)

Episodes 2016 (, 5 tp, 2 flgh, b-tp & perc.)

-commissioned by Trompetenensemble der Musikhochschule Trossingen

Sarabande Antique 2016 (harp)