Classical compositions:

Fuge für Klavier 1984

Polyphonie für zwei Blasinstrumente 1984 (tp/as)

Musik zu drei Bildern von W. Kandinsky 1990 (orchestra)

Nocturne 1991 (b-cl, cb-cl & strings)

Oktett 1992 (ob, e-h, cl, b-cl, 2 bssn, 2 fr-hr)

Concerto for Piano & Orchestra 1993

The Elements 1993 (orchestra)

Drei Preludes für Flöte & Harfe 1993

-commissioned by "Freunde der Jugendmusikschule Biberach e.V."

Prelude, Song & Dance 1993 (piano)

The Characteristics of Water 1993 (fl/a-fl, ob, vl, vla, vlc, harp)

-commissioned by Ensemble Pyramide, Switzerland

Nocturne for Clarinet (Oboe) & Guitar 1994

Impromptu & Allegro 1994 (orchestra)

Quintett für Blechbläser 1994

Michelangelo 1994 (strings)

Lyrische Stücke für Trompete/Flügelhorn & Klavier 1995

Structures for Bass-clarinet 1995

Drei Welten 1995 (a-fl, b-cl, harp)

The Garden of Crystal 1995 (fl, cl, vib, harp, piano)

DNA 1995 (fl/a-fl, vib/marimba, harp, piano)

Turquoise 1995 (fl & harp)

Symphony for Strings 1995

Impressionen für Oboe & Gitarre 1996

-commissioned by Duo Concertante, Cologne

Kaleidoscope for Violin & Orchestra 1996

Impressionistic Sketches for small Orchestra 1997

(based on Paintings of Camille Pissarro)

The Thai Piano Book 1997-98

(Preludes, Meditations, Flowers and Dances for Piano)

Konzert für sinfonisches Blasorchester 1997

(Nach Bildern von Paul Klee)

Drums of the Night 1997 for Asian Drum Ensemble

Symphony „to the End of the 20th Century“ 1997-98 (orchestra)

Prelude to a Comic 1998

(fl/a-fl, ob/e.h., cl/b-cl/as, harp, piano/organ, perc./mallets & string quartet)

Japanische Landschaften 1998

(fl/a-fl/b-fl, ob/e.h., cl/b-cl, harp, piano, percussion/mallets)

Stained Glass Windows 1998 for choir & organ

(based on glass paintings of Marc Chagall)



Ferns  2002 for a-fl, b-cl, vl, vla, vlc

Wildflower  2002 for vl & piano

Stones 2003 for vla, vlc, b-cl & piano

Fishes & Birds 2001 for fl or vl, cl & piano

-Philip Neill Memorial Prize in Music 2002 of the University of Otago, New Zealand

Wind 2002 for fl, cl, vl, vla, vlc 

Tree 1999 for b-cl & piano

River 2002 for fl, cl/b-cl, vl1, vl2, vla, vlc & piano

-Douglas Lilburn Prize Competition Award 2002 from The University of Auckland


South Pacific 2001 (Seascapes for strings & harp)

Scenic Dances 2002 for strings

Autumn 2002 for string quartet

Spring 2002 for string quartet

Childhood 2002 for piano

Gondwana 2002 for orchestra

Morning Chant of a Kokako 2002 for orchestra

The Sound 2003 for orchestra

On the Edge of the World 2003 for chamber orchestra

Rakiura Preludes 2003 for piano

Summer 2003 for string quartet